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Certified Installers of Xkote Paint Renewal Systems in Milton


Moffatt Autoworks is a certified installer of Xkote paint renewal systems in Milton and Halton Hills. Xkote is used to repair heavy scratches and scuffs found on your car’s exterior and restore faded, weathered and sandblasted paint back to its original lustre. Our auto technicians are all trained to apply the premium K2 clear coat by hand. Xkote self-levels over any scratches and imperfections to form a new finish. Applying Xkote on your vehicle takes only 24 hours and the process is much quicker than a paint correction job that usually takes multiple days of work to finish. Xkote gives a clear coat for added protection unlike regular paint correction and also yields a higher level of gloss.

Features of Xkote

When it comes to providing car cosmetic services, we offer top-quality reconditioning products available in the market today. Xkote provides a finish that rivals new cars straight off the assembly line. Some key features and benefits of Xkote are:

Xkote is a 2 component (2K) automotive clear coat that is applied by hand

Xkote is similar to today's clear coats in nature and chemistry

Xkote’s main differentiators are its ability to self-level completely flat when applied by hand and its proprietary chemical adhesion process

Unlike regular clear coats that require a scuffed and sanded surface to adhere to, Xkote’s adhesion is a chemical process that reduces the chances of delamination

Xkote’s adhesion process is much more consistent and reliable as it becomes an integral part of the original paint rather than adhering on top of the surface as a spray-on clear coat would


Keep Your Auto Cosmetics in Top Shape

Our full-service auto reconditioning facility offers top-of-the-line auto cosmetic services for your vehicle.

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