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Superior Auto Detailing Services in Milton

Need car cleaning and detailing services in Milton or Halton Hills? Moffatt Autoworks is your go-to option. Whether you are an individual car owner or running a car dealership, we can provide a variety of auto services that suit your needs and budget. Get your old car looking shiny and brand new, with our paint correction and ceramic coating services. Our experienced auto mechanics will carry out a comprehensive and detailed cleaning job on a variety of cars and motorcycles at our facility in Milton.

At Moffatt Autoworks, you’ll get better value for your money than any other car wash and detailing facility in the area. Our full-service car cleaning facility offers dependable solutions for paint chipping, dents, windshield repairs, window tinting, paint protection and much more. We are certified installers of Ultimaxx ceramic coating and Xkote, both of which are excellent coating solutions for your vehicle. When you bring your old car or motorcycle to us, we offer long-lasting solutions that will save you money on future maintenance. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how we can help restore the cosmetics of your automobile.

Our Auto Services

Moffatt Autoworks offers a wide variety of automobile cleaning and cosmetic solutions. Our aim is to transform your road-worn car and make it look as good as new through our various services. We offer our clients:

closeup view of interior cleaning of the car

Interior cleaning 

Our interior cleaning packages and add-ons are designed to thoroughly clean and disinfect all the upholstery, leather, carpets and windows of your vehicle. We can also apply a vinyl protectant to all leather and vinyl surfaces once cleaned

closeup view of exterior cleaning of the car

Exterior cleaning

We offer a basic exterior wash that includes a full hand wash and dry, tire dressing and complete decontamination of the exteriors of your vehicle. Our add-ons include rust and dust removal, body detailing and a complete wax

red car standing outside the moffatt autoworks after paint correction

Paint correction

This process involves the removal of any imperfections in the auto body before a complete restoration of the finish, to bring it back to its original lustre. Paint correction is the only true way to get rid of scratches in the paint and involves multiple stages of polishing

ceramic coating of white car

Ceramic coating

We are certified to undertake Ultimaxx ceramic coating. This type of coating is used to add protection to the car's exterior and keep it looking shiny for longer periods of time. It is like a sealant or car wax but designed to last much longer

brand new car with xkote premium paint


We are certified to install Xkote which is a paint renewal system that repairs heavy scratches and scuffs. Additionally, it brings weathered, faded and sandblasted paint back to its original factory lustre. Xkote is a premium clear coat product that is applied by hand

blue car in a garage for unwanted contaminant


Our experienced auto mechanics apply modern cleaning techniques to get rid of any type of odours that are present in your vehicle. We follow all the necessary steps to disinfect your vehicle of any hazardous material and unwanted contaminants

detailed motorcycle in a garage

Motorcycle detailing

Motorcycle detailing helps keep the exteriors and exposed mechanical parts of your bike clean, smooth and safe. This helps keep your bike looking sharp despite it being regularly used. Our auto mechanics will thoroughly clean every inch of a bike's exterior components, paying close attention to detail

modern car lamp headlight

Headlight restoration

At Moffatt Autoworks, we follow an 8-step process to restore your car headlights. We fix haze and yellowing issues so that you don’t suffer from poorly functioning headlights during nighttime commutes. Maintenance and up-keep of car headlights are very important for overall driving comfort and safety

male worker tinting car window


Our window tinting services give added protection against glass shattering, solar heat, UV rays and fade reduction. Keep your car’s interiors looking new for longer, while maintaining a cool and comfortable climate within your vehicle using our tinting services

white car in a parking lot after paint protection film

Paint protection film (PPF)

Paint protection film is a great way to maintain the high-gloss appearance of your car's exterior. It can increase the resale value of your used car, is cost-effective and adds a layer of protection against UV rays, dirt as well as environmental damage

mechanic replacing the broken windshield


Windshields are immensely important for safety and visibility while driving. Our services include windshield protection, repair and complete replacement of damaged windshield glass. Our work complies with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS)

white car dent repair in an automotive garage

Paint chip and dents repair

Sometimes compounding, waxing and polishing aren’t enough to take care of years worth of gravel impacts, chips and scratches. Our paint chip and dent repair services are the perfect way to address the deeper dents and chips that cannot be corrected by other means

shining rim of a mercedes car tyre


Moffatt Autoworks provides quality vehicle accessories to our clients. We offer dependable products that can serve as great cosmetic upgrades and drastically improve the safety and comfort of your automobile

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Car Cleaning Done Right

Visit our facility in Milton for comprehensive car cleaning and detailing services.

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