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Comprehensive Interior Car detailing Services in Milton

Sick of sitting on torn or worn-down leather seats? We have the right solutions to your problems. Moffatt Autoworks offers comprehensive interior car detailing services to clients in Milton and Halton Hills. We can restore your vehicle’s worn-down carpet, thoroughly clean door jambs and completely disinfect the interiors of your car. So if you’re tired of the worn-out condition of your car's interiors, reach out to us and our car cleaning professionals will handle the rest. 

At Moffatt Autoworks, we offer unrivalled cleaning packages based on the needs of your vehicle. We will make sure your car will come out looking almost new. Our wide range of cleaning services is designed to completely disinfect your car's interiors and provide long-lasting results. Our clients can choose between the complete interior package or valet package, depending on the extent of cleaning and conditioning required. We also offer add-ons on request.

Interior Car detailing Packages

Our team can recommend the ideal package for your car after a thorough inspection at our facility. Have a look at what each package includes below.

Complete interior package

The complete interior package is a thorough deep clean and comes with a complimentary wash and wax. The package includes:

Cleaning and disinfecting all vinyl and leather

We apply a vinyl protectant to all vinyl and leather after cleaning

Shampoo carpets, seats and mats

Shampoo trunk and back hatch

Cleaning of all the windows and mirrors

Cleaning of door jambs and trunk jambs

Valet package

The valet package is a quicker cleaning service that is recommended as a maintenance package and comes with a complimentary wash. The package includes:

Window cleaning

Wiping of door jambs

Vacuuming of carpets and trunk

Thorough wipe down of all the vinyl and leather areas

Add-ons to any package

Leather conditioning

Fabric guard

Additional Interior car detailing Services

We also offer the following services on request:

Dashboard and door detailing

Carpet salt and stain removal

A/C vent cleaning

Pet hair removal


Long-lasting car detailing services

Get your car to our facility and benefit from our complete interior cleaning services.

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