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Professional Car Window Tinting Services in Milton

Moffatt Autoworks has years of experience providing cosmetic upgrades and protective solutions for automobiles. Apart from performing ceramic coating installations and paint correction, we also offer professional car window tinting services to clients in Milton and Halton Hills. Window tinting is one of those features that adds a great deal in terms of comfort, protection and aesthetics to your car. Our experienced car care professionals can recommend the ideal window tinting solutions that fit your car, style and budget. So reach out to us if you have any questions about the right type of tinting for you.

Our Services

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, window tinting is proven to reduce the fading of your car's interiors. It also helps increase privacy. Tinting is a simple upgrade that greatly improves your car in many ways. At Moffatt Autoworks, we work with the following tints:


Xpel XR 88% heat rejection

Lifetime warranty


Xpel HP 46% heat rejection

Lifetime warranty


Xpel CS 26% heat rejection

5-year warranty

Benefits of Window Tinting

There are several functional benefits of applying window tint to your vehicle. Apart from being just a cosmetic upgrade, clients who wish to get tinting done on their cars can benefit from:


Fade reduction with tinting The interior upholstery and leather of your car tend to fade over time because of constant exposure to sunlight. Window tinting helps reduce these effects, enabling your car’s interiors to look newer for longer

Tinting windows blocks UV rays Tinting films greatly reduce the exposure to harmful U/V rays that contribute to skin cancer and skin ageing

Solar heat rejection A great benefit of window tinting is that it helps block out solar heat that builds up inside of the car. This allows for a more comfortable climate within the car and helps reduce the need for constantly running the air conditioner, thereby saving you money

Increased protection against shattered glass Tinting prevents the windshield glass from shattering when it breaks as the window film adds a layer of protection to the glass. The safety benefits are obvious. We can avoid injuries caused due to flying glass shards when windows shatter in a car crash. Tinting also makes it more difficult for thieves to break into your car

Increased privacy Apart from making it difficult for thieves to break into your car, window tinting reduces the visibility of the interiors of your vehicle, thereby making it hard to see any personal belongings lying inside your car. Benefit from the increased privacy brought on by window tinting


Experience the Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting is a simple yet effective vehicle upgrade that offers a great deal of protection, comfort and privacy.

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