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Expert Motorcycle Detailing Services in Milton

Protect your motorcycle with the expert and smooth bike detailing services from Moffatt Autoworks. Our motorcycle detailing services in Milton and Halton Hills take care of the cleaning, restoration and conditioning of your motorcycle(s). We understand the importance of a well-detailed bike. You are less prone to having dirt and dust-related damages while also increasing performance and comfort while riding. Since a motorcycle’s mechanical parts are constantly exposed to external elements, there is a greater risk of grime and grease build-up when compared to cars. Therefore, it is extremely important to regularly clean and detail your bike for optimal performance.


Our Edge

Bike detailing is a must for increasing the performance of the vehicle. All its components including the engine are thoroughly cleaned and kept free of dirt and contaminants, making sure your bike is always ready for a smooth ride. We increase the longevity of your bikes by applying a ceramic coating to protect the exposed mechanics from the harsh effects of the environment. This goes a long way towards eliminating corrosion and mechanical wear and tear. If your motorcycle’s cosmetics have seen better days, don’t fret! Our expert technicians use several methods to completely clean, disinfect and restore the worn-out paint and bring the vehicle back to its original factory shine. We maintain the bike by applying protective coatings so that any future damage is reduced. Call us to find out more about our detailing process and the costs involved.

What Goes into a Detailing Job?

Moffatt Autoworks has a team of skilled auto mechanics that knows how to restore a variety of different bikes. Bring your road bikes, choppers, Harleys and cruisers in for some much-needed TLC. Our detailing process includes:

Thorough exterior wash

Tar and bug removal

Gas tank cleaning, wax and polish

Hand cleaning of smaller components

Leather reconditioning


Engine cleaning

Exhaust pipe cleaning


Wheel and tire cleaning

Steam cleaning of the instrument panel

Paint protective coating and sealants

Instrument cluster cleaning

Full bike inspection

Hand polish of all chrome and metal parts

High air pressure drying

Paint restoration

Removal of paint contaminants using a clay bar

Oxidation removal

How Can You Benefit from Bike Detailing?

Motorcycle detailing has several benefits, some of which include:

Improved performance

Protection from damaging contaminants

Increase in the resale value

Increased protection from future damage

Restoration and maintenance of the bike’s original lustre

Increased durability for a longer-lasting vehicle


Book Our Bike Services

If you’ve got an old Harley or chopper that needs some quality detailing and reconditioning work, we’ve got you covered.

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