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Top-of-the-line Exterior Car Detailing Services in Milton

Restore the original lustre of your vehicle by visiting Moffatt Autoworks. We offer exterior car detailing services in Milton and Halton Hills. We have been working on auto cosmetic restoration and repair for over two decades and have a wealth of experience when it comes to all things detailing. Our vehicle conditioning and detailing services can work wonders reversing all the wear and tear accumulated on your car’s exteriors over years of use. We also use products that provide additional protection to your car's exteriors, thereby reducing further damage and increasing its resale value. 

Moffatt Autoworks strives to make the outside of your vehicle look its best. Our detailing and conditioning services include a complete wash and decontamination of the exteriors of your vehicle. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, a thorough cleaning goes a long way in providing added protection against environmental damage and corrosion that occurs over time. If you have any paint or dent issues on your vehicle, we recommend you address them as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Contact us for quotes on our car exterior cleaning services today.

Our Exterior car detailing Services

Moffatt Autoworks offers a wide range of top-quality cleaning services for the exterior of your vehicle. At our facility we offer:

Basic wash

Cleaning of wheels and wheel wells

Tire cleaning

Full hand wash

Full dry

Tire dressing

Basic wash includes all our interior cleaning packages

Complete decontamination of the exterior of your vehicle removing any dirt, grime and particles that have accumulated over time

Additional services

Complete wax

Rim cleaning and protection

Ceramic coatings

Full engine bay detailing

Rust and dust removal

Overspray removal

Clay bar treatment

Tar and sap removal

Wet sanding

Roof cleaning

Headlight restoration

Paint correction to remove scratches and swirls


Thorough Exterior Cleaning

We completely clean the exterior of your car using top-quality products.

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