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Reliable Windshield Repair Milton

An intact, sturdy windshield acts as the first line of protection for your vehicle safety. Moffatt Autoworks strives to provide the best windshield services in Halton Hills and Milton with regular maintenance being given top priority. We are not only specialized in replacements and repairs but also we have the state-of-the-art windshield protection materials to protect your vehicle from harm. Haz your windscreen been giving you problems?

Windshield Repair Milton


If yes, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of competent auto mechanics ready to help you. We analyze the damage to your windshield and offer cost-effective solutions; our approach is not just repairing but caring. We want to solve your immediate problem and also provide you with the information and guidance on how to properly maintain windshields so that they do not get damaged in the future. A stitch in time saves nine when it comes to addressing minor fractures which can otherwise be a major headache later on.


Call us today and find out more about our Milton windshield repair and replacement packages.

Windshield Replacement Essentials

Usually, if you have more than three chips on your windshield, you need to get it replaced. Proper automotive glass replacement is very important for maintaining the safety of your vehicle. An improperly replaced windshield can prove fatal. Moffatt Autoworks offers windshield replacement that is in line with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) and makes sure the job is done properly. When choosing a replacement service you must keep the following in mind:

Is the concerned company fully insured?

Are the auto technicians properly certified to carry out a replacement?

What if any are the additional costs

What brand of adhesive will be used?

Warranty details

Do the materials that are used meet the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards?

Windshield Repair Milton

Depending on the type of damage, not all windshields can be repaired and instead could require a complete replacement. You will be eligible for our repair services only if:

The damage is not on the edges of the windshield

The repair job is cheaper than a full replacement

Your windshield has three chips or less

supra clear armor

Windshield Protection

Supra Clear Armor is the best material which we use in Moffatt Autoworks to give our clients an excellent windscreen protection. This new coating, which is invisible to the naked eye, makes your car windscreen hydrophobic meaning that rainwater, dust and any other pollutants just roll off. Supra Clear Armor is chemically bonded to the windshield and provides considerable defense, protecting from microscopic weathering.

This coating makes cleaning easy, thus eliminating unwanted impurities and therefore reducing the incidence of chips and cracks. Offering unprecedented clarity and glare reduction for more enjoyable driving, Supra Clear Armor is UV-resistant and resistant to blistering or peeling. In addition, it is resistant to soaps and cleaning agents with little effect being offered as a practical low maintenance protective solution for the windshield of your vehicle in Milton.


Need Windshield Replacement?

We can help you with affordable windshield replacement and repair today.

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