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Restore Your Car’s Shine with our Paint Correction Services in Milton

Moffatt Autoworks specializes in auto paint correction services. We offer our clients an effective way to restore their cars' worn-out paint and to bring it back to its original lustre. We service clients in Milton and Halton Hills. The paint correction process involves the removal of imperfections in a vehicle's finish and then restoring it to a condition that is almost like new. The only accurate way of removing imperfections like scratches, car wash marring, water spots and etched bird droppings is through the process of paint correction. 

We use machine polishers, a variety of polishes and graded pads to perform reliable paint correction services. A full correction requires multiple stages for polishing. A truly corrected finish will only show clear reflections, free of any blemishes and swirl marks. Call us and book a session at our facility for a dependable restoration of your car’s paint.

Our Correction Process

We start by applying the most abrasive polishes to get rid of the deeper scratches and gradually work our way to the finer polishes which in turn removes all the superficial scratches caused by the earlier abrasive rounds. Paint correction should not be confused with paint treatment products. The latter only fills the surface imperfections temporarily or until the product washes off. The only way to truly get rid of all the scratches and etched marks on your car's surface is through professional paint correction. Our thorough paint correction process involves the following steps:

The first step involves a complete inspection and assessment of the vehicle along with the customer. The customer is a part of the deliberation process so they know exactly what needs to be done and why

We start to completely wash the exterior of the vehicle using biodegradable products that can get rid of any dirt, grime and particles picked up from the road. We use non-abrasive brushes and wash mitts to completely clean the car

We then proceed to further decontaminate the paint by clay baring the paint to ensure the removal of all contaminants and surface particles

We then begin with paint correction, carefully removing all the imperfections from the paint like scratches, swirls, oxidation, bird droppings, holograms, water spots and car wash marring

Once we have brought the paint back to its factory lustre, we then finish off by adding a paint protection product to maintain the vibrance of the newly restored paint. Customers can choose between three paint protection options, namely:


Paint sealant

Ceramic coating

Polishing and buffing car bumper and headlights

Restore Your Car’s Original Lustre

With the help of our expert paint correction services, your car will look like it’s arrived straight out of the dealership!

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